Sky Bisons of Eberron

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The Story so far.

The Sky Bison Adventuring Company, Inc.

Episode 1: n00bs r Us
-The Adventuring party assembles (in an Inn, of all places; go figure)! After being contracted by local noblewoman Lavinia to retrieve a signet ring from her seagoing vessel the Blue Pixie, Valentina Morningstar, Han-Ah, and Sonya head off to the ship under cover of night to rescue the ship from its pirate captors! They manage to sneak aboard and retrieve the ring, but the pirates get rather AARRRgumenative about it. After trashing the pirates, the group helps Lavinia use the ring to open her family vault, and solve a fiendish combination lock puzzle to enter the vault’s inner chamber, only to discover that their rivals, the Crimson Crows, have already been here. Those Bastards!

Episode 2: Who designs these deathtraps, anyway?
-The gang (newly joined by cleric Aloryn) finds out that the Crows snagged a copy of an ancient scroll that will teleport them to the center of a mountain, where a group of monks, the Fellowship of the Undying, created some ancient weapon or somesuch a long time ago. They get a local sage to use their scroll, promising to bring back some treasure for good ‘ol Lavinia. They arrive in the Temple just in time to run into a series of increasingly complex traps, from swinging pendulum blades, to a waterfilling room, to a riddle-telling statue. They get ambushed by a pack of Stirges, giant blood sucking insects, and Han-Ah is nearly turned into a blood bank for these critters. A few zombies later, they encounter the Crows, who have been proceeding in a parallel path through the Temple. The Crows’ leader, Brevik, challenges them to a race to the treasure room.

Episode 3: I’m in ur base, killin ur Troclor
- The gang gets held up by a water-related puzzle, and finally makes it to the treasure room, where a pair or rope bridges lead out ot the sought-after loot. Han-Ah lights the Crows’ bridge on fire, killing one of their members. In the swirling melee around the treausure, which turns out to be an unstoppable beast called the Troclor, the group manages to put Brevik to sleep and escape the temple with their lives (and some loot!). The temple collapes behind them, and the Troclor is destroyed by some quick thinking on Sonya and Valentina’s part. They’re confronted by Knight of the Silver Flame Sir Percy, who demands they surrender, believing them to be interested in using the Troclor for their own ends. Upon finding out about their heroic deeds, he instead invites them to a dinner in Mercia’s scenic Castle Newhaven.

Episode 4: Never Split the Party
- After a drunken night of celebration that leave’s Valentina nursing Han-Ah’s hangover, Aloryn and Sonya head off to a nice Dinner, where they meet the City Council. After hearing about a plot to take over the city by those mean ‘ol terrorists, the Shining Spears, they and Sir Percy head to investigate. At the Shining Spears’ meeting in a secret warehouse, a bunch of hobgoblins ambush the party – they manage to finish them off, but find a note with disturbing news: someone on the council is a traitor! Also, Han-Ah and Valentina do pirate stuff.

Episode 5: Big Damn Heroes
-The gang reunites, and investigates councilman Geth, under suspicion he is the leader of the Shining Spears. Turns out he’s not – but he is the leader of the highly criminal Thieves’ Guild which lurks beneath the streets of Mercia. He agrees to assisst the party, on the condition that they do him a favor at a later date. The party then investigates the Mage Roondorf’s tower, only to find him already dead, and get themselves trapped in a magic Binding Circle. It’s a trap! Sir Percy reveals himself as the leader of the Shining Spears, and explains his plan to tear the old city down and purge it of corruption, thus fulfilling his dream of “justice” in a twisted way. He’s murdered Roondorf, and amassed a horde of undead, a few of which he leaves to execute the party. Just in the nick of time, Brevik and Tyleera show up to save the day. “Big Damn Heroes” – “Ain’t we just”. The party splits again, with Aloryn joining Brevik and Tyleera in the brawl out in the streets of Mercia, hoping to contain the undead horde. The rest of the party faces down Percy, who nearly manages to kill Han-Ah. Only a skillful bit of mouth-to-mouth saves her from certain death. Percy nearly escapes, but Valentina fells him with an arrow to the face.


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